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Vegan Gestational Surrogate

I am vegan and I want to be a gestational surrogate. I wasn't vegan when I carried my own son, but at this time, I've been vegan for one year and before that I was vegetarian for about 1-2 years. I'm really excited about the idea of being a vegan surrogate for someone. Then I realized, vegans are supposedly 1% of the population. Out of this number, am I going to find intended IPs or one IP who wants a vegan GS?

Has anyone done this before, or do you know of vegans who have?
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May 28 2013, 04:27:20 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  May 28 2013, 04:44:13 UTC

I am a 2nd generation Vegetarian and have been Vegan for more than half my life.Your comment is incredibly interesting. I think there are a lot of Vegans who would love to have a Vegan Surrogate. Sure, the Surrogate could say that she will be Vegan, but how could IP really know? I think many Vegans are eager to raise Vegan children in order to prove that it can be done, and that their children will be healthy and happy. I think that starts in the womb. It totally makes sense for it to start from the beginning. You must be a very good and decent and generous person to offer to do this for Vegans who are unable to have children on their own.
We are just beginning our search for a vegetarian surrogate and would love to know how this turned out. Please send us a note at lookingforavegetariansurrogate@gmail.com
I didn't get this message until now. If you want a surrogate still, I may be available at some point soon, I'll have to see, but I would want to see a fully outlined idea of what you're looking for. Be free to write however much you like to describe all of the facets of how you would imagine your best plan would look like. I would like to see ideas for IVF, where it would be, what kind, what kind of compensation for me, insurance after conception would be what kind?, and where do you want the delivery.
I think I'm okay, and I am sure I could stay vegan. I would ask for a contract to start with, to see how it lines up. At this point, I'm interested in including the idea of compensation for me because of potential risks involved and the fact I also want to have another baby of my own.

If you have an outline of what you're asking for, where you want IVF, how much compensation, what kind of contact, and location and travel, it will give me a better idea.
We are looking for a vegetarian/vegan gestational carrier and would love to know what the outcome was in this situation :) Message me! rawesomeveganlife@hotmail.com