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...hi. First post to this com. & second day on LJ.
Its nice to see other vegans out there. Starting to feel insane. I'm married w/ 4 kids. (2 adopted, 2 surrogate. No mpreg here...) Moved to London to live with my husband who is as f. non-vegan as they come. How does everyone do it? I don't let them in the kitchen when I make sure their food is organic and his isn't. (I do the cooking.) Hes right tho, when they're older they will notice & ask why his food is different. He refuses to eat organic. Not even asking vegan just organic. Had a 3 day fight over it when we first got together. Just like I don't want them in front of the idiot box.
How did everyone eles get their S.O. to try organic or vegan? Tried logic, starting to get sarcastic. ("Can spray some f. pesticide on your food if you want it that bad." etc) Am I fighting a battle I wont win?
-Ziichi (my real name. yeah. parents had a sick sense of humour.)
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