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Hi. My sister is breastfeeding and it turns out her baby is allergic to dairy products, just like her mommy was as an infant. I had my sister cut out all dairy products for two weeks because I had a hunch about it and she ate ice cream and cheese after the break which made her baby scream the whole day. She wants to continue nursing but is worried about getting the correct nutrients for the baby. She is a "polo-vegetarian" so she already tries to watch her protein and iron. What are the easiest ways for her to get calcium and b12 while she's feeding her baby? I tried to talk with her about fortified soy milk and orange juice, spinach, blackstrap molasses, and nutritional yeast (b12) among other food items. Does anybody have additional resources, online or in book form? She has some limitations because she lives in Montana but I'm worried about her giving up if she doesn't feel she can maintain a well-balanced diet as a temporary vegan.
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